Home sewing is killing fashion!

8 december 2006

As we all know, home taping is killing music.
But of course it does not stop there. As the fashionhacker Otto von Busch reminds us:

(As remarked next to another variety of that logo, ”Maybe it is time to add a special tax on sewing thread, just like there are special taxes on CD-R, DVD-R, cassette tapes etc.” Indeed!)

One more reminder is needed, before people starts cooking their own christmas food, once against depriving thousands of restaurant workers from their employment:

(Let’s save the other variations on the theme to another time…)


2 Responses to “Home sewing is killing fashion!”

  1. Mia Says:

    Those are fab. I need t-shirts with both.

  2. […] Association of American Publishers har anlitat Eric Dezenhall, ”the pit bull of public relations”, för att kasta skit på open access-publicering. Tidigare har Dezenhall jobbat åt Enron med att skjuta Greenpeace i sank. Han tycker att förlagen ska satsa på enkla budskap som ”Public access equals government censorship”. Hm, har vi inte hört den förut? […]


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